Mango is winning at handbags this season…

This high street giant is knocking the competition out of the water on the affordable yet chic handbag front…

Now I must admit that I don’t associate Mango with accessories. It’s one of a number of high street stores where I’ve always tended to feel that for them accessories are not-so-well-made afterthoughts.  

Then I wandered onto the Mango website, as you do when you know you absolutely cannot afford to buy anything right now, and my bank account immediately started trembling with fear.  The brand has got a fun yet stylish selection of bags that tick many of the fashion boxes for 2018; polka dots, embroidery, studs transparent features and, erm, baskets.

Here’s a selection of my five favourite ones in case you’re looking for a quick and affordable way to spruce up your wardrobe. Or you just like salivating over fashion.

1. The ‘prim without being prudish’ one for work

Polka dot

Scarf handle bag – £35.99


2. The ‘avocado brunch to evening cocktails with the girls’ bag

Mango embroidered bag

Studded embroidered bag – £39.99 

3. The ‘just popping out’ bag

Mango chain bag

Detachable chain bag – £35.99 

4. The ‘I mean business but not boring business’ bag

Mango metallic handle tote

Metallic handle tote bag – £59.99

5. The ‘I need to carry prosecco and food’ bag

Mango bamboo bag
Bamboo basket bag – £39.99

(* All photos are the property of Mango)

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