Christmas 2019 special: Torcheres – Apsley House (with added bonus audio)

Apsley House (also known as No.1 London) is the home of the Dukes of Wellington and for the first time has extended its opening times to the 22nd December 2019 and decorated the house in 1840s style Christmas decorations. Visitors can therefore experience this already beautiful building as it may have looked for a Georgian Christmas. It therefore seemed fitting to feature one of the Christmas special episodes here.

Jospehine Oxley, Keeper of the Wellington Collection, talks to Ploy Radford about a pair of easily overlooked torcheres, AND, as an extra Christmas bonus for listeners, she also discusses a rather more hard to miss object, if you keep listening to the end of the podcast.

Merry Christmas!

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Five years, ago when I hit what I thought was the ginormous milestone of 25 (hahahaha, oh 25 year old me, shut up) I wrote a blog post titled ‘Shit I thought I would have sorted out by now’. As I’ve somehow survived a further five years and hit 30, despite the best (read worst) driving efforts, an appreciation of fine (read: any) wine, and a hobby that involves convincing a half tonne animal with a mind of its own to trust me and my terrible spatial awareness, I figured I should write another listicle. This time I thought I would be positive and write about things I’ve at least started figuring out, progress, right?

As I actually turned 30 in May, I can tell you now, punctuality is not one of those things.


Fashioning better mental health

The fashion industry gets a lot of well-deserved criticism for a lot of things – its use of size 0 models, sexual harassment, the devastating effect on the environment fast fashion particularly can have etc. However, today – on World Mental Health Day – I would acknowledge what a positive force fashion has had on my mental health. After all, a key thing therapists like to drill home is that there is a silver lining to every situation, and fashion does have them, and not just in clothes.


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