Top 3 things culture lovers must do in Lisbon

If there’s one adjective I would use to sum up Lisbon, it would be ‘colourful’. Houses and apartment blocks are either painted in bright pastel hues, giving the illusion that streets are rainbows with a special pastel filter, or decorated with tiles of intricate multi-coloured designs.  It’s even more delightful to witness if you are meandering up and down the narrow, cobbled alleyways, getting occasional glimpses of the glorious buildings atop Lisbon’s many hills (although it has to be said the steepness of said hills, is a mild dampener on that delight if you are as unfit as me).  Read More

Speed friending?

Forget Christian Grey and his cable ties – my latest adventure in the quest for true love involved a whistle… And before your filthy minds think “wooaaah, what kind of shit is she into…” said whistle was just used to encourage men and women to meet at a speed dating event. Read More