In need of a Christmassy day out? You need to make a day trip to Waddesdon Manor

I had been fantasising about hopping over to Bavaria and seeing all the castles on the Romantic Road and Christmas markets in medieval villages in the snow. But if like me you’re a little bit broke due to fatal combination of an unfortunate online shopping habit and moving into an unfurnished flat, there is a more affordable way to get your fairy tale Christmas kick a little closer to home. Go check out Waddesdon Manor.


Kenya 4: Nanyuki and the privilege guilt

You know all those times you see video footage from developing countries that show people living in ramshackle huts or seriously run down buildings, surrounded by rubbish and ill-looking animals? Well, there’s something about a screen and thousands of miles between you and what’s on that screen that desensitises you to it, I’ve found. Seeing it in person though at Nanyuki, a market town in central Kenya, caused a simmer of disquiet when viewing through a car window screen that bubbled into guilt once I got out and walked around.    


Kenya 3: Mount Kenya Animal Orphanage

If you are travelling through Laikipia county in Kenya and want a chance to see one of the most beautiful and largest species of antelopes in the world, as well as pet a cheetah, taking a stop at Mount Kenya Animal Conservancy is highly recommended.


Top 3 things culture lovers must do in Lisbon

If there’s one adjective I would use to sum up Lisbon, it would be ‘colourful’. Houses and apartment blocks are either painted in bright pastel hues, giving the illusion that streets are rainbows with a special pastel filter, or decorated with tiles of intricate multi-coloured designs.  It’s even more delightful to witness if you are meandering up and down the narrow, cobbled alleyways, getting occasional glimpses of the glorious buildings atop Lisbon’s many hills (although it has to be said the steepness of said hills, is a mild dampener on that delight if you are as unfit as me).  Read More