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I am a London-based multimedia journalist whose current career guise is as the editor of business magazine HealthInvestor UK.

Quite how I achieved that when I arrived in London in 2010 armed only with a classics degree from Cambridge University, entirely undeserved optimism and absolutely no idea how to cook, I’m not quite sure. But I didn’t starve and along the way I acquired a giant cuddly elephant called Errol as payment for one of the many internships I did and presumably some useful media skills.

I do freelance work on the side and have been published by The Guardian, The New StatesmanHorse & Hound, CityMetric, The VagendaThe Point and Third Sector. I enjoy writing about a diverse range of subjects from animals to investment, via education, health and social trends and am always open to freelance commissions. (See contact page.) Additionally, I have worked in the past with Historic Royal Palaces and Guide Dogs providing media advice and assistance.

When not working, drinking wine in the name of ‘networking’ or commuting, I love: horse riding; exploring this country and others; visiting historical sites/museums; and occasionally just sitting down with a good book. I also do admin work on a voluntary basis for StreetVet UK.

This blog is intended to be an outlet for musings on life, interviews with interesting people and a review source of all the adventures you can get up to in London or further afield, as well as an an online clippings portfolio. Fashion and animals will also feature.

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