What you need to know about equestrian art, and 7 works that will make your jaw drop

There’s no denying that horses are beautiful creatures, that is partly why equestrians are crazy about them, and why horses have been a popular subject of artwork for centuries. So if you’re looking to indulge your passion for horses through a more creative channel, treat someone who is mad about horses, or are perhaps looking for an equestrian-related investment that doesn’t require feeding, buying a statement piece of horse art could be for you…


Christmas gifts for London-based animal lovers

Angry eagleWe’ve all been there – there’s only one more day before Christmas and you’re still recovering from the office party hangover/shame/food coma/all three so present shopping just hasn’t happened yet. Amongst the hordes bugging you for presents is an animal lover, and even worse, a London-based one. Their lack of exposure to the countryside means the fluffy adorability of most animals has not faded in the face of their habit of destroying things you love, and then thoughtfully returning it to you, via a trip through their bowels.

Puppies are obviously for life and not just for Christmas, so an off-the-cuff trip to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is out for moral reasons. However, fear not, there are still ways for you to help you get them an animal fix in a way that is safe (for all parties concerned in case it seems unclear to you who would be most damaged by the experience) and you can just book online or over the phone asap. Read More

London Pet Show 2012 – Review

Animal mad? Thinking of getting a pet but no idea where to start? Or maybe you just wish you had a pet/were able to get one so you want an opportunity to stroke other people’s pets? Then visiting the annual two-day London Pet Show is the ideal weekend treat for you. Read More

Should you invest in a designer dog?

Cockapoo. Image from nshah04 (Flickr)

If you go down to the park today you could be in for a surprise. There’s no telling whether you will see the long bodied chiweenie or fluffy cavachon or a schnoodle. This is not some fictional park from a Roald Dahl-esque story – this could be any park in England reflecting the rise of crossbreed or “designer dogs”.

Pedigree dogs used to be the crème de la crème of dog-owning. Mixed breed dogs did not enjoy a high status but crossbreeds are now contending and even, in some cases, exceeding pedigree dogs in terms of desirability and price.  But, should you invest in one of these designer mutts? Read More