Lessons in life… from horses

Anyone who knows me now, knows I love horses. I’m crazy about them, I try and ride twice a week, go on riding holidays, attend Olympia Horse Show and the Royal Windsor Horse Show religiously each year, have far too many clothes and items of jewellery that reference horses, etc.

Their appeal isn’t just because I think they are cute though – it goes much deeper than that.



Five years, ago when I hit what I thought was the ginormous milestone of 25 (hahahaha, oh 25 year old me, shut up) I wrote a blog post titled ‘Shit I thought I would have sorted out by now’. As I’ve somehow survived a further five years and hit 30, despite the best (read worst) driving efforts, an appreciation of fine (read: any) wine, and a hobby that involves convincing a half tonne animal with a mind of its own to trust me and my terrible spatial awareness, I figured I should write another listicle. This time I thought I would be positive and write about things I’ve at least started figuring out, progress, right?

As I actually turned 30 in May, I can tell you now, punctuality is not one of those things.


Fashioning better mental health

The fashion industry gets a lot of well-deserved criticism for a lot of things – its use of size 0 models, sexual harassment, the devastating effect on the environment fast fashion particularly can have etc. However, today – on World Mental Health Day – I would acknowledge what a positive force fashion has had on my mental health. After all, a key thing therapists like to drill home is that there is a silver lining to every situation, and fashion does have them, and not just in clothes.


The power of playtime

A new study has confirmed the value of live theatre for young people – but with tight budgets and a crammed curriculum, how should schools respond?


Why the Duchess of Sussex is my hero

Not since the walls of my childhood bedroom were adorned with massive posters of Legolas and Captain Jack Sparrow, and the quote ‘evil never looked so good’ alongside a printout of the villainous spy Sark from the TV show Alias, have I swooned over someone as much as I currently do over the Duchess of Sussex. Admittedly it is rather more platonic swooning, but it is no less meaningful for it.  


What I’ve learned from setting up my own podcast

Earlier this year I set up a podcast series, Past Matters, which asks museums, galleries and historic houses what their most underrated items are. Prior to that, I set up a podcast series Millennials Now, where I interviewed millennials on the direction life had taken them now that this ‘snowflake’ generation had grown up.