‘The Lost King’ – The Wallace Collection

I was very excited to interview again, for this episode, the guest from my very first podcast! I of course mean the lovely, font of knowledge on arms and armour that is  Dr Toby Capwell from the Wallace Collection. This time our object of discussion was a suit of armour from a small but captivating exhibition at the Wallace Collection called ‘The Lost King: Imagining Richard III’.

This exhibition is related the recently released  movie ‘The Lost King’ about Philippa Langley’s quest to find Richard III’s body and give it a burial fit for a king. Toby is not only a friend of Philippa’s but he was also a consultant on the movie, offering his advice on the medieval armour we see on screen AND he even makes a cameo in armour on horseback, as you do. 

In our conversation, we focus on the armour worn by the actor Harry Lloyd, who played Richard III in this movie, which is on display in the exhibition and learn lots about types of medieval armour and the process of recreating it authentically on the big screen. 

There’s lots here to fascinate armour geeks and people like me who have been team Richard since studying the Wars of the Roses in high school, let me know what you think of the episode by dropping me a message on social media or leaving a review via your podcast platform. And do go see the exhibition – it’s on until the 8th January 2023. 

You can listen to the episode here: https://pod.fo/e/150810

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