Past Matters bonus 2021 special episode – interview with Dr Valerie Schutte

In this bonus special episode, I talk to Tudor queenship expert Dr Valerie Schutte about that most underrated of Henry VIII’s wives – Anne of Cleves and a book of hours she gifted Henry VIII in 1533 (now in the Folger Shakespeare Library). Listen in to hear more about how Anne actually had a quite powerful status in England post-divorce, her relationship with Henry and his children, and about monk who really wanted Henry to take her back. 

Easter 2023 special – Cleopatra Selene Past Matters

For this second Easter 2023 special episode, host Ploy Radford interviews Dr Jane Draycott on the life and times of Cleopatra Selene, daughter of the famous Cleopatra VII of Egypt and Roman general Mark Antony. While Cleopatra Selene has slipped under the radar in history compared to her mother, she led an eventful life that saw her move from Egyptian princess, to Roman captive, to African queen.
  1. Easter 2023 special – Cleopatra Selene
  2. Easter 2023 special – Equestrian artist Lucy Kemp-Welch
  3. New Year special – Sophia Dorothea, the British queen who never was
  4. Animal bones – Fishbourne Roman Palace
  5. Circles of Stone exhibition – Stonehenge

Inscription in the Book of Hours from Anne of Cleves to Henry the VIII:

I besiche your grace hu[m]b[ly]
when ye loke on this
remember me.
yo[u]r grace’s assured anne
the dowgher off cleues

Copyright: Provenance Online Project

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