Christmas 2019 special: Margaret Beaufort’s tomb – chosen by historian Nicola Tallis

As a special Christmas treat for you, my listeners, I have done something a bit different for this episode of Past Matters. Instead of asking a museum, gallery or historic house what their most underrated item is, I have instead asked historian Nicola Tallis, what historical object she thinks is underrated.

Her choice? The tomb of Margaret Beaufort at Westminster Abbey. So download this episode to hear more about this ultimate Tiger Mum. And, if you want a more in-depth analysis of her life, I recommend you buy a copy of Nicola’s latest book which is about Margaret and called ‘Uncrowned Queen: The Fateful life of Margaret Beaufort, Tudor Matriarch’.

As ever if you want to see a picture of the objects featured in my episodes, you can find them on my website,

Enjoy and have a fabulous festive season!

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Margaret Beaufort tomb

Tomb effigy of Lady Margaret Beaufort by Pietro Torrigiano, West
Royal tomb Tudors Margaret Beaufort

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