Roman jewellery – Colchester Castle


It can be very easy to walk by jewellery in an exhibition because these items tend to be very small. Don’t skip by this episode of Past Matters though – in it I talk to to Colchester Museums’ Senior Collections and Learning Curator Glynn Davis about some exquisite pieces of Roman jewellery that cast new light on the inhabitants of Roman Colchester, show off the skill of jewellers and gems cutters of the time, and reveal more about Roman jewellery trends.

The items of jewellery discussed and pictured below are:

  • A pair of gold ball earrings – buried by a Roman family scared of Boudica’s impending invasion of Colchester.
  • A necklace made from jet – dating to around the 2nd century AD (not pictured).
  • A pair of intaglios engraved with satyrs – evidence that there were Greek gem-cutters living and working in Roman Colchester.

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Ball earings1981_1_4709_image 12011_69_5109_image 1


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