Chartered Accountants’ Hall or One Moorgate Place

Sadly One Moorgate Place, aka the Chartered Accountants’ Hall, is not open to general public perusal (except for Open House London weekends). It is however a venue to consider if you want to put on a fancy event/host a meeting to impress/want to say your vows in a beautiful location.

The home of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, this Grade I listed building in the heart of London, is an impressive blend of modern and historic. Expect to find state of the art AV technology alongside historic murals and busts of presidents/monarchs past. People like the Blairs have been previous guests in its meetings rooms, which is a mark of One Moorgate Place’s quality.

There are numerous rooms of all sizes for a series of functions, which makes One Moorgate Place a very versatile venue. However, two rooms stood out for me:

Main Reception Room

I’d recommend the beautiful and light Main Reception Room for a wedding ceremony/breakfast or an intimate dinner party. A high ceiling peaks up into a dome that allows light to shine down on the magnificently, colourful murals adorning the walls and the interior of the dome itself. Stain glass windows also cast a rosy, bright glow on the room and the intricate chandelier hanging in the centre sparkles delicately as it catches all this light. Above one of the doors into the corridor is a charming, ornate clock. Although this effect is spoiled by the anachronistic fire exit sign.

Members’ Library

My other favourite room is the members’ library. It’s the oak panelling, big oil paintings, old beautiful tomes and – the bridge. Yes there is a bridge, inside a room. That doesn’t appear to do much except allow you to have a close look at the oil paintings. Well it would do if it wasn’t so delicate people aren’t allowed to stand on it anymore. Defunct bridge or not though, it really makes the room special.

One Moorgate Place

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