Hidden Treasures of London: Inns of Court

The first post in my ‘Hidden Treasures of London’ series focuses on the Inns of Court. Tucked away among the large concrete and glass masses of corporate power in the City are these gorgeous old buildings that resemble idyllic Oxbridge quads. There are four Inns of Court – Grey’s, Lincoln’s, Inner Temple and Middle Temple. Every barrister in England and Wales belongs to one of these Inns and within these grand buildings are housed various barristers chambers. (Which explains why a few chambers are named after their staircase number like 1 Hare Court, for example).

Scroll down below for a glimpse into this traditional and privileged world.

1. Grey’s Inn bollard.

Yes, they are so rich… they put their crests on their bollards…

Grey's Inn bollard



2. Lincoln’s Inn – view from across Lincoln’s Inn fields.











3. Lincoln’s Inn – back of the old hall 



4. Lincoln’s Inn – cloisters



 5. Lincoln’s Inn – main hall

6. Inner Temple – blossom trees, buildings and Pegasus crested bollards… 



7. Middle Temple – main hall (My iPhone camera just wouldn’t play ball so apologies for the quality of the photo, which does not do this gorgeous setting justice.) For those who think this looks familiar, Gonville and Caius college, Cambridge had their hall built to resemble this after the original burned down. 

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