Three ways to wear a maxi skirt for the festive season

Maxi skirts are in this season (again) and are (almost literally) sweeping shop floors in various forms. You probably have one hanging in your wardrobe, either from this season or the last time maxis were in vogue, and it hasn’t left its hanger. Every time you open your wardrobe and ponder what to throw on it’s probably been neglected with the passing thoughts of ‘oh it’s not very practical for today’ or ‘I’ve got nothing to wear it with’ or ‘oh god why did I spend my food money on that – I haven’t got an occasion to wear it for and I can’t even eat it’.

Well it’s time to push those thoughts aside along with your fail-safe clothing options and embrace the maxi skirt. As it is Christmas you will have a range of functions to attend (with varying levels of enthusiasm) and you will need something to make you stand out from all the glitter, tinsel and reindeer horns. So it’s time to embrace the maxi…

Office party/ pre-Christmas catch-up with friends in a swish bar
You don’t want to be too dressed up as you aren’t in a night-club and you are probably coming straight from work but you still want to look impressive in a ‘I’ve just thrown this look together daahling’ kind of way. So you need something that does office and bar wear.
Jewel or autumnal coloured silk/satin or sequin figure skimming maxi-skirts are the answer. Just wear it with a simple black or white top, a well-cut black blazer and ankle boots (preferably chunky heeled ones, too dainty and you look a bit too much like you want to go to the ball).

Once you are out of the office door, push up the sleeves on the blazer, pile on the chunky bangles, a long necklace to brighten up the simple top and apply smoky eye make-up.

Christmas Clubbing
Maxi skirts can do clubbing despite their ladylike connotations and everyone will be in a glittery little black or white dress (depending on whether the little white dress is the new little black dress, I can’t quite keep up) and killer heels. So if you don’t want to be predictable wear one of these almost indecently see-through numbers that cheekily flash plenty of leg but covers up so much at the same time.

Best worn with killer heels, so you don’t end up inadvertently mopping all the spilt booze up with your hemline. As for the top, the more detail or embellishments the better so long as the skirt is just one colour. Love this one from

Family time on Christmas Day
Family time on Christmas day probably involved a long Christmas walk that is supposed to bond you as a family, board games that will break you as a family and lots of food that will either bond or break you depending on how cooking the turkey goes. So you need to be dressed practically yet look suitably festive.

A metallic pleated skirt fits the bill perfectly. Wear with a cosy jumper (if that jumper has a subtle spattering of sequins all the better – Markus Lupfer to the ready) and combat boots/converses. All the better to stomp your way to the presents under the tree first.

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