I have created/am working on numerous podcasts covering the themes of healthcare, millennial lifestyle and art/history. Scroll down to tune in to Past Matters, Millennials Now and HI-Pod.

Past Matters 

Museums, galleries and historic houses are treasure troves of items from the past. But how easy is it at these sites to unknowingly just walk straight past an object with an incredible story to tell? In this podcast series I talk to the experts at different museums, galleries and historic houses about the most underrated objects in their collection, and unveil some fantastic facts.

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Millennials Now

Millennials are no longer the youngest generation – we’re growing up and taking on key life issues or reinventing traditional roles in our own millennial way. This podcast series will interview different millennials who have challenged the status quo…

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HI-Pod is the series of podcasts I created for HealthInvestor UK, exploring key issues affecting the business of healthcare… 

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