Kenya Chapter 2: Things I have learned so far…

  1. Anyone who owns a 4×4 to solely drive around somewhere like London needs to have a go at driving Kenyan ‘roads’. In torrential rain. Think Grand Canyon-esque dips, rocks and potholes everywhere and a car perpetually sliding sideways.
  2. If you are hastily dismounting your horse because you have only just calmed it down from bolting and frankly want your feet on the ground again, make sure there isn’t a thorn bush blocking your descent to the ground. Or you will wonder around with spines all over your arse, crotch and legs and generally resemble a porcupine-human cross.
  3. Nothing causes you to develop an iron bladder quicker than the fear that a leopard is outside waiting for you if you do go out of your tent at night to visit the long-drop.
  4. I would like to add a South African Mastiff to my future menagerie of animals.
  5. Jack Russells are cunning little critters.
  6. Kenyan time-keeping is a little… lax to say the least.
  7. The best pork to be found in the Nanyuki area is at a Muslim butcher’s.
  8. It is slightly alarming to be the one carrying buckets of feed in a yard full of 18 very hungry horses.
  9. Elephants like maize.
  10. Mosquitos will brave the higher altitudes after a rainfall to bite you while you type a blog post.

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