Animals having the worst time in British art

When you think real life is tough, just head on over to the Tate Britain and check out the crap time these animals are having. FOREVER.

1. This horse just wanted a nice stroll in the English countryside to relax and ruminate on whether that mare in the next field was interested. Nobody told him that the local snakes had gotten hold of some kryptonite and turned freaking badass. 


(‘The Moment’ by James Ward, 1831)

2. What goes around comes around though, snakey.  Because this guy has clearly seen the vet bill to fix that horse of his you bit, and he is MAD. I mean he was clearly so mad he forgot to put clothes on before coming to get some badass revenge. 


(‘An athlete wrestling with a python’ by Frederic Leighton, 1877)

3. Still at least life is interesting eh. These guys had a midlife crisis, tried to dress up as knights and go to war but got caught and were put in the cellar. Where the armour taunts them about their unfulfilled dreams and random antlers might pierce them if they in fact try to sleep and dream. 


(‘A scene at Abbotsford’ by Edwin Henry Landseer, 1827)

4. They are super jealous that Cousin Bertie is getting to live the warrior life, but as Bertie’s face testifies in this picture, making your name as a war hound is hard. He wishes his owner Sir Neill O’Neill would just do everyone a favour and stab himself with that arrow. It’s plain embarrassing going into battle with someone who wears that hat and just leaves their armour lying around. 


(‘Sir Neill O’Neill’ by John Michael Wright, 1680)

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