Four unusual puppy choices

Are you thinking of getting a dog but don’t want to be another person out walking a labrador? Or perhaps you aren’t ready for the commitment but would just want new dog breeds to youtube for your fill of cuteness? If so, might I be so bold as to make the following suggestions…
*…with the following disclaimer that I am in no way a dog expert and buying a puppy should not be done on a whim! Dogs require big commitment and big love. This post is just a bit of fun.

Bernese Mountain Dog

With their beautiful tri-coloured coat and permanently happy expression, it would be hard for your heart to not melt when you see one of these. Commonly mistaken for a St Bernard, these large dogs hail from Switzerland and with their double coat are best suited to similarly cooler climes. As their large size suggests, they need exercise or they become somewhat lazy. Their friendly nature makes them great therapy dogs and they love pulling carts, which is what they did back in the good old days in 18th century Switzerland apparently. See.

Maremma Sheepdog

What’s big, white and fluffy and not a polar bear? A Maremma Sheepdog! These excellent guard dogs hail from Italy and will slay any wolves at your door. And apparently don’t bark too much. Not a breed for those new to dog owning though, you need to earn this dog’s respect. They also like their own space, mental and physical, so snuggling it close and making cooing noises at it all the time will probably earn you a look of canine contempt. But if you are up for a challenge and want an intelligent, useful dog, this may be a breed to consider.

Canaan Dog

This elegant looking, medium sized dog is another breed that requires a dominant owner. They are Israel’s national breed of pariah dog. No this is not an ostracised breed – the pariah dog term refers to the fact it is little evolved from the free-ranging feral dogs that roamed the eastern Mediterranean seaboard in Biblical times. Fiercely intelligent and loyal, a well looked after and well socialised Canaan Dog will make an excellent guard dog addition to the family.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

As the name suggests, these gorgeous Canadian gingers like retrieving things, so if you should develop excellent arm muscles hurling things for this playful breed to bring back. Their medium size, friendly demeanour, easiness to train and habit of not barking unless there is danger makes them a great family pet.

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