Autumnal fashion on the high street

Autumn has begun its leafy march and the limbo-like feeling that accompanies summer is evaporating along with the out-of-office emails and warm temperatures that come with it. There is a certain cosy feel to autumn and a sense of interesting new beginnings (spring new beginnings always seem bland to me) that makes me love this season.  I also adore autumn/winter fashion – the materials are more sumptuous, more varied and the colder weather allows for more experimentation with layering and accessories.

If you’ve glanced at a magazine at all in the past few weeks, they will, in much detail, have screamed all the latest trends at you. In a bid to be different from their rivals they may have even called the same thing a different name, so that you may have become confused and think even more things are in trend than they currently are. For example, heavily embroidered clothing is going to be big (again) and the look has been called baroque, opulence and Russian aristocracy to name a few.  But frankly some of the ‘gothic’ and ‘winter bloom’ looks share a lot in common with the above so really the catwalk shows sounds like the results of a hideous time machine crash in the gardens of a haunted castle.

Don’t let this put you off though. There are some lovely pieces out there and they aren’t all the price of half a year’s rent, whatever the women’s mags want you to believe. Here is a selection of my favourite items on the high street that should help brighten up your autumn, and tick a few fashion boxes, if you really care about that sort of thing.
Cropped trousers are going to be big for autumn. Don’t ask me how to get around the whole tights with tight trousers vs having your ankles freeze off dilemma, I just like eye-catching trousers:

Knitwear is always in every autumn. I don’t know why fashion magazines think it is such a big revelation. In fact I wait for the day that Marie Claire says sod it, knitwear is so last century, nudity is in this autumn! Well actually I don’t, I’d rather not freeze my vital organs off and it would be a shame to not invest in these cosy knitwear pieces (jumpers with animals on are really fun and not uncool this year):

A bit of tweed never goes amiss around this time of year – it’s warm and cosy looking, so even if you aren’t wearing it yourself, I find it can inspire a warm feeling. Or jealousy. Jealousy takes the mind off the cold though.

And to round off, winter florals/japanesque. Or in normal language – items of clothing with beautiful floral prints.

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