Chart of lust for things entirely out of the budget range of a normal individual – Part 1

Fashion magazines, websites and style blogs are full of them. Your bank account cowers in fear of them. Stores making knock-offs keep an eye out for them. You know what I’m talking about. Expensive designer clothes.

I can’t afford them. I’m not even sure I morally feel I could spend that much money on clothes when there are people starving around the world. But I do appreciate fine crafstmanship. And so I do look on Net-a-Porter and drool. Here’s a pick of my five favourite dresses on there at the moment for your appreciation:

1. Block Print Shirt Dress, Proenza Schouler, £625

Image from

The colour blocking and marble print pattern turn this simple dress into an exciting yet sophisticated outfit that will see you from the office to the cocktail bar. Best worn with clashing bold colours.

2. Salamandra Printed Silk-Crepe Dress, Mary Katrantzou, £885

Mary Katrantzou has a positively delicious eye for patterns and so her designs are a decadent feast for the eyes. I love the splendid clash of colours on this dress and the bright fuschia pink flash of fishes racing along the bottom. Again another dress that can be worn for work if toned down with a black or white blazer that can then be shrugged off for a party.

3. Two-Tone Silk Crepe-de-Chine Gown, Vionnet, £2315

Image from

The contrasting colours, the elegant wrapping and draping, the sexy slit up the side that will enable you to pull off an Angelina Jolie style pose – I wish I could be stalking down the red carpet in this!

4. Mirah Jacquard Gown, Roland Mouret, £2400

Image from
Image from


It’s the details that make this traditional fish-tail gown so lustworthy. The high neck and simple pattern is prevented from being prim by the ruched detailing and then once you spin around and show your back (which sounds more normal for celebrities than perhaps for normal people, oh and spies), no one could accuse you of being boring. The cut-out panels and the almost space age like look of the back straps and stand-alone zip make this a dress that will get double-takes.

5. Embellished Silk-Chiffon Bustier Gown, £5290

This gown screams decadence with its embellished bodice leading down to long swathes of royal purple silk-chiffon. So simple, yet so delectable.

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