Magazines come in all shapes and forms…

In honour of the much ridiculed Hip Replacement magazine produced on The Apprentice, below are a few magazines that genuinely do exist. I found these gems while hunting down possible magazines I could apply to for placements. Of course they are significantly better in quality than the ill fated magazines on the show, but the names and subjects still amused me.

The British Goat Society Journal:

  • According to the website the society ‘shall have the power to further the well being of the goat and fulfil its role as the focal point for all goatkeeping activities in the United Kingdom, including close liaison with relevant Government departments’.  Please let there be a minister for goats, and let that job be mine?

Fry Monthly:

  • It advertises itself as ‘the most widely distributed, widely talked about and widely read magazine in the Fast Food trade’.
  • The latest issue has articles such as ‘Batter – all the latest innovations in the batter mix market are revealed’.

Lubrication Science

  • Initial reaction – snigger
  • Reaction upon reading it – ‘oh no science, I don’t understand’

Galley Slave

  • No, not a magazine for slaves on antiquated ships. It’s aimed at the restaurant industry. Great title for encouraging people to consider a career in catering.
  • Has a section called the ‘Shitter’ – for all the restaurant news gossip…

Funeral Service Times

  • ‘The independent voice of the funeral service profession’
  • Front page on the May 2011 issue – ‘Should body viewing be encouraged?’

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